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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Cremation

We believe that the subject of cremation of a pet can and should be fully explained. For years many false beliefs and misconceptions have been associated with cremation. Cremation is simply a hastening of the natural process. This is accomplished in a clean, sanitary, and modern facility using intense heat and flame thus rendering your pet's body back to it's natural elements.
After the process is complete, the calcified bone fragments (ashes) or remains are carefully collected and sealed in a container. The cremated remains are then returned to the owner or their veterinarian in our standard California Redwood Urn along with a personalized cremation certificate.

What do I do when my pet dies?
Many leave the decision of disposing of their pet up to their veterinarian and/or friends. Unfortunately, by doing that they never really understand what happens to their pet. It is important that you know about the alternatives available to you. You may instruct your clinic to call us, or you may call us direct. Once we receive your call, your pet will be picked-up usually within 24 hours and brought back to our facility. If your pet dies at home, we offer a 24-hour removal service---all that is needed is a call from you to our office.

What happens with my pet when I leave?
Our crematory facility is located on-site, meaning, from the time we receive your pet your pet is tagged and brought directly to our facility and does not leave our facility until you pick him/her up. We specialize in individual cremations thus, assuring you of receiving only your pet's remains.

Should I choose cremation or burial?
When making this decision there are many factors to consider. Cremation is an option that allows you to handle your pet's remains as you wish, whether it be burying them, scattering them, or keeping them in a decorative urn. Consideration of your living situation, personal and religious values, as well as plans for the future can help you determine whether cremation or burial of your pet is the right choice for you and your family. No matter what you decide, Eternal Pet Crematory can meet your needs.

If I choose cremation, should I bury, scatter, or keep my cremains?
This decision is entirely a matter of choice. Some considerations to think about include: Am I planning to remain at my residence indefinitely? Some prefer to keep their cremains in an urn in their home with them. Our showroom features many styles and sizes to suite your preference.

If I choose cremation, how soon can I get my pet's cremains back?
Under normal circumstances, if you call our office before 2 p.m., your pet will be ready for you to pick up at our office within 72 hours.

Why should I choose Eternal Pet Crematory?
We have been serving the Gulf Coast for many years. As a family-owned and operated business, we specialize in individualized attention and service. The quality and care our pet owners experience is represented by the fact that they recommend our services to their family and friends. We are proud of our reputation within our industry and strive hard to meet the individual needs of each pet owner. We feel we provide that extra, caring touch that makes a you'll notice now, and feel forever.