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Professionally Assisting the Bereaved Pet Owner


Caring, Professional Pet Cremation Services

When only the best can be given to those who gave so much to us. Our animal companions are one constant in any persons life. Understanding, Devoted, loyal, and most of all Loving. When your companions time has come to an end, let Eternal Pet Crematory be there to offer a true memorial to your pet. A final way to show your compassion and gratefulness for all the joy and happiness your pet has given you. We offer full cremation services for pets of all sizes. From small felines and canines to full size equestrian animals.

A Pets Prayer to St. Peter

I have traveled far to reach this Pearly Gate,
But I do not want to wander
beyond this place.
I just need to rest for awhile,
for my friend I wait.
Please let them know I love them still.
Let them know that I understand
What they did, they did with love.
With my body Gone, my spirit flew
On the wings of a dove
To my Creator's Heaven above.
Now I ask that I may wait.
I will lay quietly here by the gate.
For if I entered now without my friend,
It wouldn't be heaven at all.

-John Quealy